About US

Consmel Srl is a young business reality that works in the field of the disposal of special waste (dangerous or not), whose aim is that to provide excellent services and solutions.

On the one hand, it has always kept a great spirit of innovation by using the “zerozerotoner” patented technology, which allows any part of the refusal to become recovered raw materials; on the other hand, over the years, Consmel has succeded in diversifying its offering, first of all, thanks to its entrance into the Italian Register of Environmental Operators (in Cat. 8, Class F), and then, by treating various types of waste, as to say:

-          Plastic and cans

-          Hi-tech

-          Paper and carton boxes

-          Conditioner filters and fan coils

-          Batteries

-          Neon-lights, mercury and fluorescent lamps

…..and much more!

Consmel is allowed to act as intermediary through consolidated agreements with different organizations that work in this field; for said reason, it can face with different client’s needs, and it can propose solutions for any type of problem related with waste disposal.

Our strenght is well represented by our commitment, by our attention to the environment and by our professionalism, since we want to provide the client with a customized assistance, in accordance with the Law.