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Toner, cartridges and print ribbons have to be considered a kind of special waste: for said reason, according to standard procedure, the processes for the disposal are strict and complex.

In fact, the abrogation of the Art. 39 (Law 146/1994) has excluded computer press supplies from the list of special waste.

Every single company is obliged to dispose of the produced computer press supplies (i.e. toner, inkjet cartridges, ribbons…and so on), according to D.Lgs 152/06 ex D.Lgs 22/97 (Ronchi’s Act), in compliance with the IV° Corrective Act dated January 28, 2008.


1.    To submit your waste to chemical analysis, since computer press supplies are considered special waste with “mirror” code
2.    To purchase and achieve approval by the CCIAA (Chamber of Commerce) of the loading and unloading register
3.    To record the load of waste in the Register
4.    To contact an authorized transporter of waste
5.    To verify the authorizations and the correspondence with the CER codes (European Code of Waste) of the produced special waste.
6.    To fill in the FIR (the waste identification form) in 4 copies; then, the transporter will retire the waste.
7.    To register the load of waste
8.    The transporter bring the waste at destination and finishes the compilation of the FIR
9.    The recipient gives one of the 4 copies of the FIR back to the manager, that forwards it to the producer
10.    The producer fills in the MUD (the Environmental Declaration Form), that keeps track of the waste movements, and he presents it to the CCIAA (usually each year at the end of April)

Responsibility – the company is directly responsible in either the administrative and penal level, in case of total/partial non-fulfilment, and in case of errors of registration.

Penalties – the non-fulfiment of the Law obligations involves not only strict administrative penalties in terms of money (from EUROS 1.032,00 to EUROS 92.962,00), but also penalties at the expense of the owner or the CEO of the company, that can incur in penal processes, and, in case of proven crime, he can be condemned to a period of suspension of his charge, that can vary from a period of one month or, at worst, one year.

Problems – To prevent yourself from errors, it is necessary to comply with a complex bureaucracy and to keep up-to-date on possible changes of Law


ZEROZEROTONER is a waste-disposal service that protects the customer against any risk and task.
It is considered a very innovative system, where compliance with regulations and saving income live together.

1. Signing up for a contract, in order to achieve a correct administration of the computer printing waste, and its relevant recycling
2. Rubbish collection in suitable boxes which will be delivered directly to the customer
3. A telephone call for agreeing upon the picking up.

By signing up for this contract, bureaucratic and administrative burdens will be transferred from your company to the one that provides the above-mentioned service, since it has all the necessary authorizations in terms of transport, storage and processing; moreover, it is also a patented kind of service, put up with the supervisory bodies in order to apply a sort of "Logistic Reverse".

Finally, we can say that this service can take charge of the refusal by acting directly on its own features.

1. Responsibilities: NONE
2. Sanctions: NONE
3. Problems: NONE

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