Legalità per la gestione dei rifiuti
It allows you to observe the legislation that regulates the management of waste from computer print (toner, spent cartridges and ribbons) with the advantage to transfer all administrative and bureaucratic obligations as well as the criminal liability provided for by law, thus avoiding unnecessary risks of sanctions for trivial errors in which you may incur in case of direct management.


It allows you to dedicate yourself exclusively to your business, without spending precious time to be constantly updated about the corrective measures which are frequently introduced.


It is conveniente since it can guarantee a specific cost from the start. In fact, managing independently special waste has hidden costs: the purchase of Forms, the fixed cost for the calling for the conveyor, the costs for the removal of the waste with a tot per kg, cost / person of the time taken to handle it and the costs of training of personnel aimed to follow the company management process.

Environmental sustainability

Reciclaggio dei rifiuti pericolosiIt is environmentally friendly, because by means of the system designed, patented and manufactured here in Italy, the only one that works in Europe, turns 100% of the waste from computer print in secondary raw materials.
The advanced manufacturing process, which is innovative and clean, allows to recover aluminum, steel, iron, copper, plastic, toner from the consumable exhausted from computer print, avoiding its accumulation in landfills or destruction in an incinerator.

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