Recycling Plant 100%

A system aimed to crush and separe raw materials

An investment of over 1 million Euros has allowed us to conceptualize, design, build, test, and finally to patent an industrial plant which is unique in Europe, since it allows the recovery in MPS (Secondary Raw Materials) of 1T / h of consumable of any brand.

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This system is so sophisticated that can recover even the most insignificant part of the refusal, so far untreatable and in fact dispersed. The raw and secondary materials thus obtained are all replaced on the production market.











The exclusive service ZEROZEROTONER disbursed throughout the country is able to satisfy every need in terms of ethics and economy, and it has the necessary qualifications to implement the Corrective Decree dated 22 October,  "simplification of administrative formalities referred to in article 195, paragraph 2, letter s-bis of legislative decree 152/2006, concerning the collection and transport of specific types of waste" that, notwithstanding the current regulations, it also allows you to give assignment to an ordinary courier to collect the eco-boxes containing the refusal, as long as subsequently conferred at the industrial property system for the subsequent treatment, the latter peculiarity that makes the service flexible and tailored to the needs of those producers that hardly would have addressed to ordinary collective services.

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We have built our system in order to actively contribute to a better future for the environment, because we believe that each of us is called to decide whether to be part of the problem or the solution.

We we sided with environment for a better future for our children: you which way you wanted to be?