Disposal of special waste is becoming the central point of international and european environmental issues, and their administration has became a prior environmental problem in the industrialized countries and in those that are developing.

The storage of special waste is not a sustainable solution and its destruction is not possible because of the highly-polluted emissions and leavings.

Our mission is that to suggest and ensure ecologically and economically sustainable kind of solutions, in order to recycle and recover the various products’ components.

We propose ourselves on the national territory because we firmly believe that the possibility to enter eco-sustainable processes in the administration of special waste can represent the best way to reduce environmental impact caused by the industrial and commercial activities; moreover, at the same time, it can represent a way for anybody to give a contribution in the establishment of a better future for the Environment.

Anybody is invited to be a part of both the problem and the solution; for said reason, we have decided to support the Environment, in order to create a better future for our children: now it’s your turn to make your choice!